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The Benefits of Living in Douglas County

Callahan View Estates is located in Douglas County. Roseburg is the county seat of DC and Callahan is on the outskirts of Roseburg. If you were to purchase a home in this growing development, you would have the best of two worlds. The schools are close by, shopping and community events are at your fingertips and yet Callahan offers privacy and peace with our premier 5 acre lots and gated entrance nestled in the beautiful countryside. Two lots have already been purchased, leaving twelve available. Become apart of the Callahan community today.

Roseburg hosts a number of fun and creative events like Music on the Half Shell ( ) and the Oregon Musical Theatre Festival ( ). Every year hundreds of people make their way to the edge of the Umpqua to enjoy music on blankets they bring. It is a very colorful event. This summer OMTF is hosting The Fiddler on the Roof in Jacoby Auditorium. Douglas County is full of outdoor activities like kayaking, camping, and fishing (See a list of many of Roseburg's outdoor recreation here). The Roseburg summer is here and things to do are limitless! Callahan View Estates is close by the fun and offers a new beginning into a city established in 1851.

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